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Café Doors Emporium is America’s number one source for unique and beautiful custom café doors with the highest standard of quality. We are sure you will find a style to match your décor from our extensive and unique line of café doors.

Café doors have several other names such as:  saloon, western, swinging, bar, bat-wing and pub doors.  However, one constant remains the same regardless of their names, café doors truly add a unique, welcoming and remarkably striking look and feel to any room or doorway they are installed and are a great and authentic piece of Americana!

Café doors are the perfect alternative to installing a full sized door for a space that doesn’t require full privacy.  Café doors are known for creating desired partial separation between two spaces in a more tasteful and creative means than what a full sized door offers.  Café doors allow light and sound to pass through the doorway all while adding a touch of privacy with an abundance of beauty.

We are proud and excited to have a working relationship with some of TV’s largest networks and shows.  Below are some of the networks and their shows where you may have seen us:

  • May 2012, the HGTV Network requested a custom built knotty-pine café door for their show, “Kitchen Cousins”.
  • June 2012, the DIY Network requested a custom built cedar café door for their show, “Extra Yardage”, to be used in a mountain retreat episode.
  • October 2012, the DIY Network requested a custom oak louver café door for their show, “Man Caves” which was going to be used in an episode for a surprise winner of a Father’s Day contest.

As both a manufacturer and retailer of wood café doors, all of us at DDC Industry, especially our craftsman, understand the importance and significance in protecting the quality of the environment and the world’s natural resources, to include our trees and forests.  Although wood is the ideal renewable resource and the most energy efficient product for building and manufacturing, we consider it our responsibility to use this raw material efficiently by employing conscientious purchasing and production practices. These practices include:   purchasing lumber and café doors from manufactures that source their wood from trees grown in well-managed forests, implementing strict energy conservation processes, using production techniques that minimize waste, and recycling virtually all of our wood by-products.  As an avid nature enthusiast, our craftsman wouldn’t have it any other way.

With a few exceptions, our café doors come to you unfinished and ready to paint or stain so you can match your café door specifically to your décor.  Most of our café doors come in multiple sizes prefit for finished door openings of 24 and 28-36 inch widths but we also offer custom made cafe doors that can be made to your specifications.  Most of our premade café doors can be modified to fit slightly smaller or larger door openings (please contact us for details).  Each of our café door sets are stunning in their original state but we also offer them dressed up with a bit more pizazz by adding special accents lending them a distinctive character all their own.

We offer four main categories of café doors. Our first category of café doors is our louvered line.  The louvered café doors are made of a variety of wood species:  an exotic wood that is akin in grain and color to American Ash & Patagonian Maple, solid oak, pine, pre-stained “honey wheat” pine, or pre-finish white pine. The louvers provide a nice lighter weight café door set that allows more air and light to pass through than non-louvered café doors all while maintaining some desired privacy or room separation.  To dress the louvered café doors up a bit you can choose to add any of our accents or have our artist hand paint them with a custom design (view our custom Artesian line for more details) to add a custom touch.

Our second category of café doors is our raised paneled line. These café doors are made of red oak and red oak veneers or pine and pine veneers.  These solid café doors are heavy in weight and have a great sturdy feel to them. The raised panel design of these café doors provides a contemporary styling for a more modern décor. Within this line of café doors you have the option of a flat top to the café door or a more traditional top with the contoured edge that is characteristic of café doors in general.  Further you can add any of our accents to customize the look of your cafe door.

Our third category is our exclusive, custom and truly unique commercial grade oak 2-sided flat 2-panel extra tall café doors. These sets offer so many design possibilities, surely there’s one to match your décor.  As one of the tallest sets we offer at 55” tall, these café doors provide additional coverage or privacy with class and pizazz!  Both the front and back of these café doors has the flat paneled design and the top edge of the door can be styled just how you want: straight across, deep or shallow contour, rounded or a design of your own.  Dress it up further with any of our accents and you have an amazing custom café door set that can’t be found anywhere else.

Our forth category of café doors is our custom handmade line. These café doors can be hand crafted of knotty-pine, cedar, oak, cherry, walnut, aspen, mahogany or nearly any other wood species you may be looking for. Our custom cafe doors are solid, non-louvered, doors that can be made to nearly any width and height you need. Styles are flush (smooth on both sides of the doors), flat 2-panel (flush on one side and paneled on the opposite) or inlaid louver (louvers inlaid to a solid wood frame).  To further customize your one-of-a-kind cafe door you can have any of our accents added or even a stained glass window inserted.  Even better, let us know what you have in mind and we will work hard to make it happen.  Lastly, the top and bottom edges of the café doors can be crafted how you want them: flat (straight across), rounded (like an arch), contoured (traditional design), or to a custom design all your own. These solid one-of-a-kind café doors are heavy in weight, considered commercial grade, and have a great sturdy feel to them.

We began our journey in 2003 born out of our craftsman’s lifelong love of wood working and desire to take something common and simple and make it unique and extraordinary.  With 25+ years of experience in doing just that, our dedicated and professional craftsman’s creative and meticulous nature directs him to look outside the box to deliver a customized café door that is not only distinctive but truly gorgeous.  Each of our craftsman’s custom café doors is a design creation of his very own that is handmade solely by him.  There’s nothing he enjoys more than receiving the challenge of a customer’s seemingly impossible request for a café door design and making it happen.  Our craftsman is so meticulous that no one touches his custom café doors but him – he even packages them for shipping himself.  If fact, all café doors, including standard stock café doors, are inspected by him before they are packaged for shipping. Our craftsman’s level of dedication and quality craftsmanship is only matched by our commitment to satisfied customers.  We are here to assist you whether you have questions about the custom design process, placing an order, or installation of your café door.  You can feel confident purchasing a café door from DDC Industry.

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