Craftsman Exclusive Cafe Doors

Our Craftsman's Exclusive line of cafe door includes our oak louver cafe doors that are made to the exact specifications of our craftsman! Not only are these louvered cafe doors made of hardwood, they are 1-3/8" thick which is thicker than industry standard louvered cafe doors, and adds to their quality and durability. Lastly, each stile has a decorative groove adding a touch of distinctive character. These cafe door are beautiful and built to last!

Our other Craftsman's Exclusive line of cafe doors is his Santa Fe cafe doors with his unique top and bottom edge countours. This countour was designed by our craftsman and he can craft this into nearly any of our cafe doors by request. Listed above is the Santa Fe countour shown on our pine louver cafe doors. Contact us if you are interested in this contour being crafted into a different door you like on our website, like his oak louver cafe doors!

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